Climate Cycle
Climate Cycle
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Climate CycleClimate Cycle
Climate Cycle, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was founded in 2008 out of a concern that today's youth lacked the tools necessary to respond to global warming or benefit from the emerging green economy. Today, Climate Cycle leads the charge in catalyzing environmental education in the classroom and in our communities by developing young leaders in sustainability.

Since 2009, Climate Cycle has inaugurated ten solar schools. These schools are recipients of solar systems and a dynamic school curriculum to maximize hands-on learning. The selected schools share a vision of climate solutions and energy independence from the students, faculty, administration, and beyond. Climate Cycle utilizes renewable energy because it is an available technology that provides tangible learning opportunities.

Their annual Ride to Recharge is an opportunity for community members, teachers, and students to demonstrate support for increasing environmental education in our schools. The 2012 Ride will be held June 16th/17th at Grant Park’s Dusable Harbor (Randolph and the lakefront).

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Climate Cycle
“Surf Sweets shares an affinity with organizations like Climate Cycle because, like us, they’re dedicated to kids AND improving the environment,” says Bert Cohen, President and Founder of TruSweets, LLC. “We’re thrilled to support causes like Climate Cycle that are authentic and relevant to our customers,” he adds. Climate Cycle
Climate Cycle Climate Cycle


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