Sweeten My Smile

How do you Sweeten Your Smile?

We’ve partnered with fellow top 8-free brands, Enjoy Life Foodsand Kiss Freely, to make this Valentine’s Day extra sweet! This season is best celebrated by making homemade Valentines & indulging in special treats with loved ones, and this year is no exception.

Do you remember ever bringing a shoebox to school and decorating it as a mailbox for valentine cards? Making homemade valentines is still something we love doing to this day. All you need is paper, scissors, glue and your imagination! And a goodie bag of allergy-friendly treats, of course. ;)

Because YOU, our amazing community, is what sweetens our smiles every day, we’re sharing the love by hosting a special giveaway!

Enter for a chance to win a selection of our allergy-friendly products by commenting on our social media posts, or below in the comment section, and tell us how you plan to add some extra sweetness to your Valentine’s Day with #SweetenMySmile!

Sweeten My Smile

Each of our 3 companies will pick 1 Grand Prize winner to win a sampler of sweet products from our brands, and 10 runners-up to win a goodie bag of samples! Limited to US. Ends 2/14 at 11:59 PM PST.

Now, we just have one last question – will you be our Valentine?

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  • Cori

    Yes! We’ll continue our secret Valentine tradition and spread some love with our treat bags. Mostly to neighbors, our postal worker, and random people we encounter throughout the day!

  • Anne Perry

    Yes. I will Continue to educate others about the dangers of gmos, food coloring & polysorbate 80.

  • melanie h

    I plan on baking cupcakes for all of my co-workers! #SweetenMySmile

  • Jennifer Cagle Croley

    I will be planning a Valentine’s Day hunt for my daughter. She loves reading the clues and finding a surprise at the end of the hunt. It is her favorite thing to do on holidays, and a fun way to show a little love! #SweetenMySmile

  • Melissa

    I’ll be making heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast!

  • Jill Tiemann

    A special Valentine in my sons’ lunchboxes, a sweet treat after school and a fun family Valentine dinner.

  • Nicole

    I plan to bring sweetness to my Valentine’s Day with lots of Chocolate!! #SweetenMySmile

  • ELB

    Going to try a new version of worms in dirt that is allergy friendly for our family. #SweetenMySmile

  • ShannonAnne23

    I love making homemade treats for my sons and hubs. I would love to try your products. #SweetenMySmile

  • Christina Adame

    By spending the day pampering my loved ones :)

  • HoneyB22

    As a newly single working Mama of 3 who works 2 jobs, I plan to have FUN WITH MY KIDDOS this Valentine’s DAY! I am thinking a movie, Pizza, the Park, Dollar store for a few little toys and trinkets, and then visiting Moms for dinner! I’d LOVE to be able to share so allergen-free goodies with my family!! #SweetenMySmile! @nicoleschoice1 on Twitter

  • C. Crowell

    Ohhhh, decorated shoeboxes. I so remember that!

    I love making Valentine’s Day special for my two kids. We have special treats throughout the day. I’d love to add Surf Sweets, Enjoy Life & Kiss Freely treats to their surprises. Thank you for this opportunity!

    C. Crowell

  • Amanda Heck

    By Pink Peeps!!!

  • latanya t

    I plan to surprise my husband with lunch date and his fave cologne.

  • Alyssa Yom

    I’ll be working and going to class all day but will make room for some sweets I between!

  • Eve H

    We have a tradition to make chocolate covered strawberries with my daughter

  • Alison Maffett-King

    I’ll be getting some surf sweets for my daughter they are the only candy I buy for her.

  • textiff

    I plan to add extra sweetness to Valentine’s Day by baking cupcakes and cookies for my family! #SweetenMySmile!

  • Dee Olson

    I have been single for 10years. BUT this year I have a new love in MS- I am in CA. We will celebrate when we meet for the first time March 10! Can’t wait!!

  • susansmoaks

    i plan on spending the evening with my husband and giving him a little home cooking for a little extra sweetness

  • Aaron

    I hope you will be my Valentine #SweetenMySmile

  • katklaw777

    Valentine’s Day will be our 37th wedding anniversary!!!
    I plan on sweetening my wonderful Hubbys life by making him a wonderful dinner and thanking him for 37 great years.

  • moushka

    Please be my valentine! #SweetenMySmile My daughters and I will add a little extra sweetness for their Dad by making him a heartfelt card.

  • Lauren Cheatle

    We purchased Surf Sweet heart gummies at Whole Foods to take to my sons class for Valentine’s Day ❤

  • Barbara Mayes

    sure, I will be your Valentine! I plan to add sweetness by being extra sweet to my husband! #SweetenMySmile

  • @pega1975

    I have four little girls who will be watching the mail for an envelope from Grandma…it will have the glittery stickers, candy and necklace in their cards…and quality sweets is a must! <3

  • Stephanie V.

    Making an easy dinner at home, with the kids, with lots of heart shapes! #SweetenMySmile

  • tamaraben

    I plan on baking a heart shaped chocolate cake, cook a delicious dinner and watch a romantic movie with hubby #SweetenMySmile

  • JG

    My daughter has a severe peanut allergy; so Valentines Day parties have always been a challenge. We usually make or buy something safe such as Enjoy Life or Surf Sweets. It would make her day if she won a goodie bag. #sweetenmysmile!

  • MewzMe2

    Making cupcakes and heart shaped cookies will make my family smile ear to ear. #SweetenMySmile

  • Michele

    This Valentine’s Day, I plan on baking up some sweet goodies with my two boys! We will wrap them up and start spreading smiles among our neighbors, friends, postman, etc. #SweetenMySmile

  • http://theinherentparent.wix.com/jenna Jenna Ogle

    Valentine’s Day has always been a fun day for me to spoil my little ones. Their favorite book as of late has been Dragons Love Tacos so this year we will be having a special taco dinner just like the dragons in the book and read the story afterward. It sounds like a small act to some but the girls are going to absolutely love it. #sweetenmysmile

  • kymnasium

    I plan on making Valentine’s day goodie bags with my kids their going to decorate paper bags with stamps, stickers & ribbons and we’ll be adding allergy free treats so all their classmates can enjoy. For our Valentine’s dessert we’re making dark chocolate covered strawberries. It’s going to be a day of sweet awesomeness! #SweetenMySmile

  • Shawn Stover

    making fudge for my daughters #SweetenMySmile

  • Seema D. Ruchandani

    Dark chocolate dipped strawberries (homemade), with a bowl of ice cream (all organic) and covered with sprinkles, fudge sauce, and more berries. So excited!!

  • Christine

    I will always buy myself something. Loving yourself first is most important.

  • Shannon Denise

    This is my son’s first Valentine’s Day with a tree nut allergy. He was diagnosed this summer. He’s worried his treats from his friends won’t be safe. This goody bag would make his whole day saved!!!
    Shannon Denise

  • Cheryl Muzaca

    I’m going to make date sweetened chocolate covered energy bites- they’re fast becoming our sweet treat go to!

  • Marcia

    I baked and decorated heart shaped brownies (hidden in the freezer) and will be making my husband his favorite meal.

  • Nancy Craig Humpage

    I volunteered to help at my sons’ elementary valentine party. Snack mom.

  • j m

    #sweetenmysmile I am making the kids a special heart pancake breakfast and a special treat for their lunches at school

  • aj

    This year is our kid’s first school Valentine’s day party. We’ll be making cupcakes. Then maybe a nice glass of wine after the kid is asleep. #SweetenMySmile

  • Jdrewes

    I wrote letters to both my children’s teachers encouraging them to promote no food valentines in their class. Let’s teach our kids that you can have a party and celebrate without food – especially food that is not healthy or harmful to those that are allergic.

  • Elicia P

    Wish I could add some sort of sweetness but we are traveling on the 14th. However, my son loves Ikea so once we get into Toronto I plan to surprise him and head there for dinner.
    I originally had planned to make him a lunch that included a lot of heart shaped foods.

  • CHIRT143

    I am sweetening up Valentine’s Day for my family with Surf Sweet gummies and gluten free muffins with Enjoy Life chocolate chips; yum! #SweetenMySmile

  • Mag

    I visited and/or called shut-in’s today. That’s how on Valentine’s Day 2017 I was able to #SweetenMySmile AND those of the dear people I took the time to see!