Valentine’s Day for All Generations: 7 Ideas for Sweet Fun

Just months after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, Valentine’s Day is another good holiday for families to spend sweet quality time together. Time is the ultimate gift, so fun Valentine’s Day activities can help family members of all generations enjoy each other’s company, make lasting memories, and share love with one another.

This year, give the gift of time to your family by incorporating these Valentine’s Day ideas for kids and adults.

Sweet Gifts Made Like These

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

At any age, well-thought out gifts are the way to your loved ones’ hearts. This year, get with your crew for some homemade gift giving.

To let family know they’re the “beary best,” help kids fill mason jars of any size with Surf Sweets Fruity or Gummy Bears. Then, have fun creating custom labels and decorating it for the special person who’ll receive it. Grab colorful pens, ribbons (here we used baking twine), labels, construction paper, and double-sided tape or glue. And since it’s Valentine’s Day, don’t forget the heart stickers!

Reveling in Relaxation

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

You don’t have to take your family out to relax. Bring the spa to your home by making family-friendly bath scrubs with all natural ingredients. It’s a great gift to have little ones make for moms, grandmothers, and older sisters. The fun is really in the creation.

Set up a bath salt station where your kids can mix up the ingredients. View our homemade spa recipes and grab our printable labels to complete this calming gift.

Love Chats  Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

How often can you get your whole family together to talk? For many families, not often enough. This Valentine’s Day, set aside some time to catch up as a group. Have a love chat. Sit around in a comfortable place and pull out pre-written questions out of a hat such as “What is usually the best part of your day?” and “If you could do anything every single day, what would it be?” Whatever question is pulled, everyone has to answer. Go around the circle with everyone pulling from the hat until you’re out.

Game Night Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids


Keep the party going in your house with a Valentine’s Day game night — a festive version of the traditional family favorites. There are tons of games to choose from. For example, it’s Surf Sweets Fruity Hearts vs. Jelly Beans (or any two candies) in this yummy game of tic tac toe. Download your game board and then print out as many as you need for a night filled with fun.

Family Dinner Cooking Contest

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

No matter your family’s individual interests may be, food is always fun. So, why not make it a contest? Break your family into teams to cook a part of an allergy-friendly meal. Divvy up adults and kids into teams, and then choose dishes that cover the entire meal, ranging from appetizers to desserts. You’re going to need some good judges, though. Invite over extended family, friends, or neighbors to enjoy and share their favorite dish.

Hunt for Hearts

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids



GiTake advantage of young curiosity by setting up a “heart hunt” throughout your home. Similar to the fun of an Easter egg hunt, this scavenger hunt is sure to bring smiles to younger kids’ faces. Place hearts made of construction paper around the house, enlisting the help of any older children to write sweet notes on them and then place them in creative places. Before the search starts, allow kids to decorate their own baskets to hold their discovered hearts. For an added touch, allow kids to exchange a number of paper hearts for small gifts and candy.

Show Signs of Love

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids


You don’t need spoken words to say “I love you.” This easy-to-make homemade card teaches your kids how to say the term in sign language while also giving them another way to spread love this holiday.

Have kids trace their hands on construction paper with fingers spread apart. After cutting out the hands, fold down the tips of the middle and ring fingers and add to a homemade Valentine’s Day card. Note: Only tape or glue down the fingertips to leave a three-dimensional effect.

What are your family’s favorite Valentine’s Day traditions? Let us know below.