Big news! The Surf Sweets brand has joined Sweet Candy Company, a consumer candy and confectionery industry leader. This transition has been an exciting time for us all, and we owe it all to you!

So, what does this mean for you? Only good things! It brings a new website and shopping experience, all while continuing to bring you the same quality delicious treats you have come to expect from Surf Sweets! Our goal is to make our allergy-friendly treats easier to obtain by the entire community.

We're excited about this, and we think you should be too! If you have any questions, please see our FAQ below. 


The Surf Sweets Team


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How does this affect Customers?
    • We expect the user experience to be more accessible. We'll continue to make functional changes to improve the experience and expect it to only get better over time.
  • What will happen to my user account?
    • We have switched our website platform, so you'll have to start fresh with a new Surf Sweets account. Any prior customer account should still be accessible on Wholesome's website. 
  • Will the Surf Sweets name change?
    • No. The Surf Sweets name will not change.
  • Will the number of products increase or change?
    • Yes, we have changed our product order quantities. One thing you can expect is fewer individual UPC hunts and more full-shelf case sets. 
    • For example, we are now offering perfect pantry sizes for the 2.75oz Pouches - available in a 12 Pack Case and an 8 Pack Case for the 6oz bags. 
  • Will prices change?
    • Yes and No. The price of products reflects the quantity purchased. Our products are now available in 8 Pack or 12 Pack Case quantities. 
  • Will any of the policies change?
    • We'll remain true to our origins, as we believe in making mindfully delicious treats that taste as they should. We use high-quality, allergy-friendly, organic ingredients. That said, with any change comes new ideas, processes, and people. We'd only hope to become more flexible, commit more to our quality and friendly support.

If you have any more questions, please reach out to us. 

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